About the Portable Tower

 This is a TriEx tower model WRS-698.

 It is mounted on a tandem axle trailer, model number TRA-9-ND. It weights 6300 lbs., it is 28 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and 7.5 feet high. The tower is 26 feet long when nested. When raised and not extended it is 28 feet tall. When the bottom is raised it will be 70 feet tall. After fully extended it is 100 feet. It has three sets of guy wires for 25, 70, and 100 feet. The trailer uses three electric 1.5-hp. motors for raising and extending the tower. The tower can be raised by commercial power or the 3500-watt portable generator mounted on the rear of the trailer. There are two 12-volt batteries for running the radio equipment during power failure. These batteries are charged by commercial power or a solar panel charging system that will keep the batteries charged during long storage times. There is two 35 amp power supplies, one primary, one secondary.

R.A.D.A.R. (Races, ARES, Diaster, Aid, Repeater)

 The radio equipment consists of two repeaters. One VHF and one UHF. Two remote base radio’s one VHF and one UHF. The VHF repeater is two GE MVS radio’s hooked to a CAT-200 controller. The UHF repeater is two GE Pheniox radio’s hooked to a CAT-250. The CAT-250 also has an RLS-1000 link port board tied to port 2. There are three ports on the RLS. Port 1 is hooked to the CAT-200 port 2. Port 2 is hooked to the UHF remote base radio (GE Pheniox). Port 3 is hooked to the VHF remote base radio (GE Pheniox). These remote base radios are programmed with simplex, local and regional repeater frequencies. With this system, we can use either repeater separate, or connect both together. Either repeater can be connected to a remote base radio. The remote base radios can be connected together for a cross band repeater. Or all radios can be connected together. The VHF repeater uses a DB-224E antenna with 6 dB of gain. The UHF repeater uses a DB-420 antenna with 10-dB gain. Remote base radios us either a beam or Omni antenna. Feed line is a variety of lengths of LMR-400 using N type connectors.

The tower also supports a cushcraft A4S Tri-Band beam. (20/15/10)meters. On a Hygain Ham 4 rotor with 200 feet of cable and feedline.